When you’re choosing a venue for your wedding, they don’t always have chairs or tables that you need. Instead of being a problem, the lack of chairs will allow you to bring in a style that complements your theme. The tables are covered with linens, so you don’t have to worry about matching styles. The chairs you choose for special event rentals can help pull together the entire theme or throw it complete out of whack. From traditional to rustic, there’s a chair for every wedding theme. If you don’t find the one you’re looking for, you can always cover it completely.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Chameleon

These chairs might be unrecognizable without their covers. They’re normally ones that get covered with a colored fabric to match the theme of the wedding.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Banquet Chairs

These types of chairs are traditionally seen in banquet halls, which is how they got their name. You can get them in a variety of colors like red, beige or black. Banquet chairs are made with a velvet material that makes them fire resistant.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Wooden Chairs

The wooden chairs are the folding ones that are the most inexpensive option. They can be used for a rustic or traditional wedding depending on the decorations added. Ribbons, bows or flowers can be attached to the back.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Chiavari

These chairs are delicate, lovely additions to any wedding. They come in a variety of colors to fit with any theme. They’re made of sturdy bamboo with cushioned seats. Flowers or ribbon can be threaded through the backs or attached to the side of the chair for a uniform look.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Ghost Chairs

Modern ghost chairs are made of acrylic or Lucite, which is clear. That’s why they’re called ghost chairs. The focus of the viewer and guest ends up being on the table and the newlyweds.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient X-Back Chair

These chairs are fashioned out of natural wood with a finish that enhances the grain. This makes them great chairs for outdoor weddings with a rustic theme like those at a farm or in a vineyard.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Bentwood Cafe Chair

The cafe chair has been around since the 1800s, and it’s a good choice for a simple wedding in an outdoor setting. They are a casual chair that can look good plain or styled with ribbons or flowers.

Wedding Chapel Pink Gradient Bar Stools

For some weddings, the bar stool is perfect, and they can be rented with a back that matches what you have in your venue for the other tables.

When you’re choosing the chairs for your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that you can afford the decorations or covers that will need to be added to the backs of the chairs. There will be dozens or hundreds depending on the amount of guests you’ve invited as well as the wedding party.  For additional resources, visit the Hart Entertainment website.