If you think that most jewelry stores are alike, you are not alone. However, you would be greatly mistaken to make this assumption. The quality of jewelry and the price of different pieces can vary drastically from one jeweler to another, but this is not the only difference to look for in various stores. While you understandably want to find the right piece for your shopping needs, you may also consider paying attention to the types of services available through different jewelry stores before you make a final decision. These are some of the top services to look for.

Shopping Assistance
A great jeweler should do more than just open up the jewelry case and show you different pieces. The most reputable and established jewelry stores, for example, will also show you why diamonds are rated a certain way and will definitely tell you their rating. Keep in mind that diamonds are not the only gemstones that are rated, so expect to receive more information about each of the products you are looking at. If this information is not provided to you, do not be afraid to make the inquiry. A knowledgeable jeweler should answer all of the questions you have about different pieces before you make a purchase.

Appraisals and Valuations
You should be able to go to your jewelry store for a variety of needs rather than only when you are shopping for new pieces. A great service that many provide is an appraisal or valuation. You may need this commonly when you are insuring your jewelry, but you may also need it when inheriting pieces from a deceased loved one, when you are going through a divorce or simply because you are curious if your pieces have increased in value. Many who provide this service do so free of charge, but some may charge a small fee for it.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Another common service to look for is cleaning and maintenance on your pieces. Cleanings are commonly provided free of charge, but there may be a charge for maintenance and repair work. For example, the prong of a ring may be loose, and you may need to tighten it. This may be completed in-house in some cases, but many jewelry stores will need to ship your item off-site to have it professionally repaired.

As you can see, the right jewelry store can help you in many ways over the years. While you may initially look for a store that has the products you want to purchase, you may find yourself visiting the store repeatedly for different needs in the future. Before you finalize your buying plans, ensure that your jeweler offers these and other services you may need. For more information, there are some helpful resources on the www.pintocashforgold.ca website.